Our Services

Peer Discovery asks influential professionals within the first response and healthcare industry to help form, found, and organize this nonprofit peer support resource.

Peer Support Training

Peer Discovery must find the best peer support specialist training in the country and certifications to be ready to take on peer support specialists and other supporting professionals and staff. We know we will find these resources with the help of a board of expert directors in the first response and healthcare support fields.


Peer Discovery anticipates the organization’s structure to have a welcoming team to serve as an intake where a trained professional can assess whether the person reaching out needs to be referred to more emergent care or transitioned to a peer that can assist.


Peer Discovery anticipates offering peer support by maintaining 24-hour operated call-in lines and a platform with video capability and chat access that guarantee continuity of mental readiness support care.

Do No Harm

Causing no harm and providing safety and security to those we serve is our priority. That is why Peer Discovery seeks the right people, training, and the best tools and access.